FAQ and Answers

Answers to FAQ about Daiwa’s Products

What kinds of products do you handle?

We handle hardware for buildings and public engineering projects in general including ladder, roof ladders, hanging rings and hooks,rooftop access canopy, and laundry pole frames. We also handle hardware for sewerage facilities. Additionally, custom painting and processing of hardware are available by special order.

We have to paint building hardware so as to blend the hardware with its surroundings. What should we do with the hardware?

We accept requests for painting of hardware. Contact us and let us know your request. We can meet your expectations.

We couldn’t find standard-sized hardware that fit a building being constructed. Do you handle nonstandard hardware?

If a standard hardware does not fit the building due to the structural features of the building, we apply special processing to the hardware or manufacture a tailor-made hardware. Please let us know specifications (dimensions and a shape) of hardware you are looking for or send a schematic diagram.

We would like to request your catalog.

The catalog of each product line can be downloaded from our website. Alternatively, we send the catalog to you directly. Please contact us.

We are looking for a ladder to use on a public engineering worksite. Do you handle it?

Yes, we also handle hardware for public engineering projects. We provide high quality hardware for public engineering projects as well as hardware for buildings. Additionally, we handle hardware for sewerage facilities.

Can you draw CAD drawings?

We have introduced an automatic CAD system. Usually, we draw drawings of standard/nonstandard hardware with the CAD system. Therefore, CAD drawings are available from Daiwa. We can draw the CAD drawings from a schematic diagram. Not only can we prepare the drawings, but we can also manufacture the hardware concerned based in accordance with the drawings.

Can you provide us a mill sheet and a strength test report?

We procure materials from reliable material manufacturers to ensure long usable lives and safety of products. We provide the mill sheet and the strength test report upon request.For hanging rings and hooks, tensile tests (breakdown tests) are outsourced to the third-party organization. The test data can be presented.

Answers to FAQ about Materials and Processing Techniques

It is said that stainless steel does not rust. Is it true?

Generally speaking, stainless steel is regarded as rust-free material. Substantially, stainless steel is not rust-free but rust resistant material owing to a film produced by nickel and chrome contained in stainless steel.

Under certain conditions such that the stainless steel is exposed to wind and water containing sault or rust propagates from other material, it does rust. We polish the surfaces of a stainless product by buffing (#400) to a mirror surface finish to make the best use of the rust resistant property so that substances causing rust can be removed from the surfaces by rain or wind.

We manufacture products using SUS316, which is superior to SUS304 in rust resistance. Please feel free to contact us.

Do you accept requests for bending of hardware in various sizes, shapes, and materials?

We can manufacture bent hardware in a variety of shapes such as large-diameter hardware and hardware in complicated shapes. In rare cases, the product interferes with a die or the bending machine due to structure features. Please feel free to consult us. To obtain the best result, we figure out a good way.

Do you handle hot dip zinc-coated hardware and electro-galvanizing hardware?

We mainly handle stainless steel products in consideration of product lives and long-term maintenance costs. However, iron products (SS400) are included in our standard products. A product number of the iron product consists of letters and a three-digit number starting with “4.”

Answers to FAQ about Lots, Delivery Times, and Prices

What is a minimum order quantity? Do you accept a small order?

We accept an order of standard/nonstandard products from one piece. Let us know necessary information such as dimensions. We will prepare an estimate.

Do you accept an order from a customer other than a corporation?

Our products are sold through the distributors. Please place an order to your local hardware store or distributor

How long does a delivery time take?

Standard products are in stock usually. If you place an order by 2:30 p.m., the product will be shipped on that day.For tailor-made items, a delivery time differ individually. Please consult us.

Does the price of a product change?

In principle, our products are sold at the fixed price described in our catalogs.

However, the prices are subject to change without notice due to fluctuations in raw materials.

Answers to FAQ about Delivery and Contact Methods

Please tell us the delivery method and shipping charge.

Your order will be delivered by a mixed delivery service. For delivery to an isolated island or a remote area or a rush order, we will arrange delivery service by ship, air, or express.

In these cases, a shipping charge will be all transportation expenses incurred. If you would like to know the shipping charge before placing an order, please contact us. We prepare an estimate.

Please tell us the terms of payment.

Please ask your local distributor.

Please tell us how to place an order for a product.

Please place an order with your local distributor.

If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone, e-mail or facsimile. Our contact personnel will answer your questions sincerely.
Leave hardware for buildings to us.

We take great pride in offering a broad range of high quality and inexpensive hardware for buildings and public engineering projects, so leave the hardware to us. Custom-made items are also available by special order.

E-mail address : info@daiwakenkozai.com

If you make an inquiry by phone, please tell us that you saw our website.