We manufacture satisfactory building hardware. Leave the hardware to us!

Daiwa Kenkozai is a manufacturer of all kinds of building hardware, such as ladders, hanging rings, and rooftop access canopy.

We handle a variety of standardized products in all sizes.
Additionally, we accept special orders to meet your needs such as products in nonstandard sizes and custom painting of hardware.

We offer high quality products so that our customers can use the products with a sense of security on construction sites where safety is of paramount importance. If you are looking for hardware for buildings and public engineering projects, leave it to us.

We offer satisfactory products.

Product Lineup


We handle a variety of steps such as standard steps, ladders for Tokyo public housing and knurled ladders.


We handle standard pipe ladders, pipe ladders for Tokyo public housing, and ladders approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


We handle hanging rings and rings with a round bar or flat plate and hangers.


The edges of the access hole covers are chamfered for safety.


We offer ladders, roof ladders, and grip handles, which are knurled for safety.


We handle building hardware for Urban Renaissance Agency such as ceiling-hang type laundry pole frames and bedding drying poles.

We manufacture custom-made building hardware.


We receive special orders for custom-made hardware to meet customers’ needs as follows.

  • We want to paint hardware
  • We want hardware in nonstandard sizes
  • We couldn’t find hardware that fit our specifications.

We ensure that you will be satisfied with the result.

Daiwa Kenkozai offers high quality building hardware. Leave the hardware to us.


We make an effort to improve product quality to provide high quality products to our customers.

Please feel free to consult us if you have a problem such as “We have difficulty in ....” or “We do not have a good idea to satisfy the strength requirements.”

We make every effort to meet your expectations and manufacture satisfactory and reliable building hardware.

We take great pride in offering a broad range of high quality and inexpensive hardware for buildings and public engineering projects, so leave the hardware to us. Custom-made items are also available by special order.

E-mail address : info@daiwakenkozai.com

If you make an inquiry by phone, please tell us that you saw our website.